Using our crag database is very simple. You can look for information in one of four ways using the menu above.

Areas Shows you a list of areas, wherein lies all the crags for that area.

Crags Shows you all crags regardless of areas.

Grades Shows you a list of all routes in the database at the given grade.

Allows you to find routes by using one or more search criteria.

When viewing areas or crags, each page has some buttons that will do the following.

Displays the list of areas/crags.

Shows crag information on crag pages.

Shows a map of areas/crags.

Prints a list of currently selected routes and area/crag information.

In the routes section you can use the filter to specify which climbing disciplines and grades you want to see. You can also click column headers to sort routes.

As per our guidebooks, against each route you will see a coloured dot indicating the type of climb.

Trad Climb

Sport Climb

Hybrid Climb (bolts/pegs/nuts)


These routes are BANNED!

Additionally, on sport climbs you will see a coloured smiley indicating the friendliness of the bolting and how bold it may feel.

A good choice. Friendly bolting for the grade. Just go climbing and no worries about the clips.

Adequate. Some worrisome run-outs, some disconcerting clips, but generally OK.

Care required. A degree of danger present; some gripping clips, some scary run-outs, maybe a dodgy bolt or perhaps all of them!

Danger not within your control. Usually means multiple untrustworthy or bad bolts and/or poor anchor.

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